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The KOFUKAN logo combines three swords and a circle.

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Swords have a very special meaning in Japanese society and to Japanese people.

In the Samurai era, only Samurai, the ruling class, could wear swords, and his sword was said to be 'the soul of a Samurai'. (If they broke their code of honour, they had tocommit 'hara-kiri' by sword.)

The Samurai sword represents 'spiritual purity'. It's mirror-like surface reflects one's weak mind and improper thoughts, and it's razor-sharp blade will cut them away. Many Shinto shrines have swords as their treasure.

The swords in the logo represent ( MIND, BODY, and TECHNIQUE ) three main purposes of martial arts training . Through practice, a martial artist should develop a 'correct attitude', 'strong body', and' correct techniques' and hopefully attain a high level of spiritual achievement.

The circle represents 'harmony' and 'perfection'. These three aspects should develop in harmony and into perfection. In the design, the circle of harmony joins the three principles together.

So the KOFUKAN logo represents the purpose of martial arts training in general, and of karate study within our Association in particular. The three Japanese letters within the circle read 'SHITO', our style. Also, the area inside the circle represents the lower abdomen ('TANDEN' in Japanese) as the linking point of the three aspects. Only by developing the lower abdomen through abdominal breathing can these three aspects be developed in harmony.

The colours of black and yellow/gold for the Association badges were chosen because they are the colours of the tiger, in order to make a link with the name 'KOFUKAN', which means literally 'tiger (Ko) wind (fu) establishment'(Kan)