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Dojo Rules and Etiquette

1 Remove all jewelery, rings, watches, etc, before entering dojo

2 No smoking, swearing, chewing gum, sweets, etc

3 No student is allowed to enter the dojo under the influence of alcohol or drugs

4 Students are requested to take care for school and club property

5 On entering dojo the student must 'Re!' and acknowledge with ‘os

6 If the sensei is not in attendance students should pair off and do stretching exercises

7 When the sensei enters the dojo all students must line up - highest grades at the front to lowest grades at the back

8 Students must keep talking to a minimum. Abuse of this or any other rule may result in a two-week suspension

9 If the sensei is not in attendance and a replacement is elected, then he or she will be treated with the same respect as the regular sensei. This respect will be given, even if the elected sensei is not the highest grade present

10 If a students 'gi' has to be adjusted he or she should go down on their left knee to do so

11 If it is necessary to leave the dojo the students should request permission from the sensei to do so. 'Re!' on exit . When re-entering, or if the student has arrived late, he or she must kneel until the sensei acknowledges them, then only may they take up their position

12 Karate Gi’s should be kept spotlessly clean, and finger/toe nails must be cut short.

13 When 'Yame' (stop) is called, student must obey immediately

14 It is recommended that students attend at least twice a week. More attendance is beneficial for the member and, in turn, the club

15 When gradings take place the members wishing to be presented must have at least 75% attendance since their last grading or they will not be presented.

16 Students giving their names for competitions, courses, gradings, etc, must pay the stipulated fee in advance. It will not be refunded unless the student is unable to participate due to genuine illness

17 Any student who misuses karate on or off club premises shall be severely reprimanded. Karate may only be used for self-defence, assisting S.A. Police Force or of a similar nature

18 Students over the age of 7 years must hold a Kofukan Licence. (Affiliation Book) This licence should be obtained within 1 month of joining the club

19 If the dojo is in use when students arrive they should either wait outside quietly or wait in the changing rooms for the lesson to begin. Students failing to respect the rights of the members of other clubs may be severely reprimanded.